Mod.3. The Course of civil Suits

This course intends to introduce to the learners the ethics & values which must characterize all individuals involved in legal professions. 

The part of course of civil suit, Pre-trial phase management and the use of IECMS” aims at providing to the students a practical knowledge regarding to:

•The nature & use of IECMS as a cross cutting tool for case management;
•Pre -trial report drafting;
•Techniques of conducting pre -trial session;
•Mediation ,
•Pre - trial report writing

This part of the course of civil suit relating to Trial and the Use of IECMS aims at enabling the trainees:

•To understand the conduct of trials in Civil Cases,
•Conditions of admissibility of case in civil matters
•To analyze the powers of judges during the hearing in Civil matters, 
•To have required knowledge in order to write a good judgment in civil cases,
 To identify the challenges that judges met while handling the trial and writing the judgment
The proceeding is the legal situation that exists between the litigants from the time of referral to the court until judgment. This part focuses on the hearing of the case in civil matters until the final judgement is rendered by the competent court.
This course intends to help the trainees to a) Understand the procedure followed in filing and presentation of civil cases before common law courts; b) Conduct examination-in-chief, cross-examination and re-examination of witnesses before common law courts; c) Master the rules regarding evidence and its production as applied in common law court proceedings.

This part of course of civil suit on the post-trial procedures aims to provide to the trainees the practical knowledge related to: a) The rationality of enforcement of judgements & orders with an enforcement formula b) Procedures is all about the enforcement of the decisions of courts and orders taken by the competent organs; c) Subject matter of execution & person in charge d) Protection of parties & settlement of disputes arising from an execution; e) Receivership and conduct of public auction.