Principles of Contract and Legislative drafting

“Drafting Contracts brings a new approach to the teaching of contract drafting. It emphasizes the nexus between the business deal and the contract, both in the material taught and in the exercises students work on. In addition, it teaches students to think critically about the law and the transaction they are memorializing.

To draft a contract well, a drafter must know the rules of good writing —and more. Among other things, a drafter must: understand the business deal, know how to use the contract concepts to reflect the parties’ deal accurately, be able to draft and recognize nuances in language that change the deal. In addition, a good drafter knows how to add value to a deal by discerning and resolving business issues. Drafting Contracts reflects a real world approach to contract drafting, bringing together years of real world. Contract drafting experience and law school teaching. Drafting Contracts teaches students through narration and drafting exercises.” (Tina L. Stark, Drafting Contracts. Why and why lawyers do what they do. Second Edition).




Fundamental Principles of legislative drafting (Descriptions)